#NHSStrike October 13th 2014

NHS workers are on strike today.
Any kind of industrial action brings out the worst kind of selfish, individualistic people who refuse to understand the purpose of striking.
The media much prefer to vilify strikers rather than support them as to support them might affect their backhanders. Sorry, backers.

Taking industrial action is never an easy option. It’s one of the hardest decisions to make. No one gets paid for going on strike. This sounds like an obvious statement but I do wonder sometimes if people forget this. You lose a days pay; sometimes more. I would hazard a guess that the striking NHS workers today can ill afford to strike, but they’re doing it anyway because they have had enough.

We all use the NHS. Most of us were born in an NHS hospital, cared for by NHS midwives, health visitors, nurses and doctors. As we go through life, we rely on the NHS being there to look after us. I have spent a huge amount of time in hospitals with my son and I have never received anything but the very best care, attention and medical treatment from the staff.
Despite the cuts, despite the changes, despite the governments determined and unrelenting attacks on our welfare state, the NHS staff are consistently hard working, passionate and committed people who want to deliver the best possible service to patients.
If you don’t believe that they deserve to be paid a decent wage then take a good hard look at yourself.
They deserve a lot more than they currently get, and they deserve our unconditional support.

So please, let them know you believe in them and that you support what they are fighting for.


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