A Simple Choice by JD Smith (Guest Post)

Looking down it seems like such a simple choice, simple and insignificant, but it’s not. It’s complex and complicated; it’s full of twists and turns.

It seems like such a simple choice, but it’s not. It’s full of different opinions, different issues. All of them conflicting with each other. You’re faced with trying to shift the lies, the half-truths, from the actual truth. Faced with deciding which side you want to fall on.

It seems like such a simple choice, but it’s not. Just two little marks and it’s done, it won’t make a difference you think. But the truth is that it can make all the difference, it can make or break a man, bring to power a political ideology or bring one crashing down.

They lie, they plot, they manipulate.

They twist, they scare, they evade.

But despite all that, all the promises they make, all the words they say to try and sway you to their side, it falls to this moment, this single moment. You are expected to remember everything they’ve said, everything they’ve promised, and make a choice of the future of the country. It comes down to two little marks and the future is decided.

Left, right, centre. It all becomes a mess of directions in your head. It’s all so easy for the older generation, they have firm opinions made cement by years and experience. For you it’s harder, less solid. You’re not so sure, not sure who to trust, who to help and support.

It seems like such a simple choice, but it’s not. You think you can’t make a difference but you can. You look down at the slip of paper and make a choice. You put a cross in a box and place the paper in a box full of other papers.

You’ve made the choice.

You’ve voted.

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