*Guest Post; Woman On Fire*

Our 14 year old, Cait, went to the Edinburgh Festival and wrote this review of CC Theatre Company’s production of ‘Woman on Fire.’


This week, I’ve had my first taste of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

One of the highlights was the performance of Claire Moore in Women on Fire. This was an original play, telling the story of the suffrage movement seen through the eyes of Edith Rigby. 

The performance was an incredible portrayal of the battle for women’s right to vote through Rigby’s eyes, reminding us of the sacrifices and harms the women fighting for universal suffrage had to endure. It was packed full of facts and information. It was incredibly well done and really didn’t sugar coat what happened in this woman’s life – she was an arsonist, bomber & jujitsu-trained militant Suffragette who spent time in prison, because of what she believed in! The writing was incredible and had an exceptional range of quotes and facts. 

Claire’s representation of Edith Rigby was fantastic and brought to life the mild mannered doctors wife with a secret identity. It’s a reminder of where we have come from and how far we still have to go. 

It’s a ”must see” if you’re heading to #EdFringe this year.


2 thoughts on “*Guest Post; Woman On Fire*

  1. Thank you for this review. If I were 500 miles further north I’d go and see it… sounds just like my cup of tea.
    Please do more reviews on things you see or things you experience in life; you’re good at it.

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